Request a Befriender

maureenWelcoming a Befriender into your life might sounds like a daunting and scary prospect – but please don’t let this put you off!  Volunteer Befrienders are interested in people, sharing views, experiences and stories.  They’re there to spend an hour or two a week with you in order for you to build a reliable, warm friendly relationship.  We take a lot of care in selecting the right Befriender for you and we base this on the things you tell us you enjoy and the kind of person you would like to be your Befriender.

We take time to assess everyone who volunteers as a Befriender with us, please be assured that your privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us.

Here’s what some people with Befrienders say:

  • “I look forward to her visits’, I look forward to having company as I have become a widower recently”
  • “I’m struggling with mental health problems and my Univeristy work is suffering, his visits really help clear my head”
  • “It’s company, because being confined to bed I don’t see the outside world”
  • “Someone I look forward to seeing, by going for a run in the car and seeing the world again after almost 10 years of hardly ever going out of the house, how lovely the scenery and beautiful the countryside is, it has made a great difference to my life, thank you very much.”

Request Form

If you are interested in requesting a Befriender please complete the Request form below.  If you would like further information, please get in touch!