Becoming a Befriender

Becoming a Befriender is a truly special, insightful and rewarding experience.  The role of the Befriender involves supporting someone who is lonely and may have other life problems, to feel connected to other people and society again.

It’s not about trying to solve problems for that person or about being someone’s home-help – it’s about listening, supporting, sharing and spending quality time together.

People most suited to befriending are those who are interested in other people, are good listeners, are reliable, and have 2-3 hours available to commit every week.

Because Befriending involves supporting someone who is isolated, we provide you with training to prepare you for the role of Befriender.  We then carefully match you with your Befriendee and offer regular support, supervision, ongoing training and quarterly meetings to meet and exchange views with other Befrienders as well as keep up to date with what’s happening with the service.


If you are interested in becoming a Befriender please complete the application form below.  If you would like further information, please get in touch!

You can download the following files:

        “I love being a Befriender.  It’s not about any special skills I have, it’s about being there just for her, to be someone she can laugh with again.”

        “He had cracking yarns tonight – total change in him since day one . I think he’s been misunderstood and nobody has given him a chance”

        “As an island community, a great strength we share is the volunteering spirit of the people!”